About Us

Montesi Consulting is a limited company established in 2001. The company's main areas of operation are advisor/designer of advanced information systems and in technical (digital forensics) expertise. The company has acted in several international cases both as advisor on information systems and as technical expert in the preservation of legal validity data, software infringement and software (design) fault. The company is engaged in many areas of digital forensic tasking, including the collection and analysis of digital evidence for legal purposes, and the preservation of data for legal validity. The company assists the client along various phases of the process. We list the following among our many activities: 

  • obtaining and analyzing relevant technical information;
  • assistance in the understanding of technical documents; 
  • the preparation of reports and presentations from technical experts;
  • assistance in the preparation and production of legal documents.

We are also active on social network data capture and analysis, which can be used profitably in cases where it is necessary to take evidence. Our expertise is also useful in cases concerning libel and slander, particularly when they are perpetrated using new communication channels like social networks.